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PROTEC 1 Vs. Traditional Ceramic Coatings and Carnauba Waxes

PROTEC 1 Vs. Traditional Ceramic Coatings and Carnauba Waxes

Every boater wants to keep their boat in its best condition for as long as possible. When it comes to protecting your boat’s painted or gel-coat surfaces from the harsh conditions of life on the water, ceramic coatings and carnauba waxes have been the most popular choice among boaters for some time. However, these coatings' inherent limitations make them a less-than-ideal choice for today’s boaters, and using ceramic coatings can even lead to costly repairs to your boat’s surfaces over time.

The Solution: PROTEC 1

DiTEC’s PROTEC 1 is a revolutionary, ceramic-alternative protective shield 50 years in the making. Specifically engineered to flex with your boat’s surfaces, PROTEC 1 not only outperforms traditional ceramic coatings but also creates a robust hydrophobic barrier that ensures long-lasting protection against oxidation, UV-light, dirt, grime, exhaust build-up, and other contaminants. How?

Amazing Chemistry

DiTEC's PROTEC 1 takes boat protection to the next level with its unique chemical composition. Made with inorganic chemistry, PROTEC 1’s primary chemical constituents are precursors to rubber and vinyl. Inorganic compounds do not readily react to UV light, alkalis, or acids, making them incredibly durable in outdoor climates. PROTEC 1’s chemical composition also allows the protective shield to flex with your boat's paint or gelcoat surfaces, accommodating the boat's movements and vibrations without compromising the integrity of its protected surfaces. This flexibility ensures the protective layer remains intact, effectively guarding the boat's surface against scratches, impacts, and other potential damages.

Man applying PROTEC 1 to boat

Ceramic coatings and waxes have been praised for their ability to provide a glossy and smooth finish. They offer a certain level of protection against oxidation, UV rays, and minor abrasions, which can help preserve the boat's appearance for some time. However, a significant drawback of ceramic coatings is their lack of flexibility and durability. When applied to a boat's surface, they form a rigid layer that does not adapt well to the movements and vibrations experienced during boat rides or when exposed to rough waters. The natural heating and cooling cycles that a boat experiences can also cause its surfaces to expand. As a result, ceramic coatings are prone to cracking and chipping over time, leaving the underlying paint or gelcoat vulnerable to damage.

Hydrophobic Advantage

Another critical advantage of DiTEC's PROTEC 1 lies in its hydrophobic properties. The effects of constant exposure to water can be detrimental over time. Traditional ceramic coatings and waxes may repel water initially, but their hydrophobic capabilities tend to diminish with time and exposure to the elements. On the other hand, the unique chemical composition of DiTEC's PROTEC 1 creates an exceptionally strong hydrophobic barrier. This means that water beads and rolls off the surface effortlessly, preventing water spots, mineral deposits, and algae growth. The hydrophobic shield also reduces the chances of water-induced damage and helps maintain the boat's appearance for a more extended period.


DiTEC's PROTEC 1 offers another significant advantage over traditional ceramic coatings with its extended margin for error during application. Unlike conventional coatings that stiffen harden quickly upon application, PROTEC 1's chemical composition allows for a more forgiving process. Boat owners and detailers have more time to apply and remove the product evenly. If an area is missed during the removal process, you can simply reapply PROTEC 1 to the area to reactivate the coating and then remove with ease.

When applying a traditional ceramic coating to your boat’s surface, which usually has to be done by a professional, any small mistake could result in an uneven coating or missed spots that have hardened, which would require rigorous sanding. Sanding to correct errors could lead to damaging the paint and gelcoat below the ceramic-coated surface, which costs you even more time and money. Any boater can apply PROTEC 1 with ease.

DiTEC's PROTEC 1 is designed to be even longer-lasting than traditional waxes (which last only 3 months) or ceramic coatings, providing boat owners with peace of mind and less time spent on maintenance. It outperforms traditional ceramic coatings and carnauba waxes in longevity and durability against harsh outdoor conditions, and its innovative chemical composition makes it a much more user-friendly product. Boat owners looking for the best protection for their vessels can trust DiTEC's PROTEC 1 to keep their boats looking pristine and well-preserved for years.

Watch our video about how to apply PROTEC 1 below.


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