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DiTEC has spent the last three decades in marine maintenance, surface refinishing, and surface preservation. As the manufacturer of the best boat cleaning products, we make products by boaters for boaters, using a body of knowledge that comes from extensively testing and using marine products firsthand and by way of feedback from our service teams which operate in South Florida, Europe, and the Middle East. Most importantly, we have studied and addressed the unintended negative effects of cleaning chemicals and the environment on yacht paint, one of the most valuable “wear and tear” components of any yacht.

Safe, Effective and Economical

We specialize in safe, effective, and economical boat cleaners that offer maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. Manufacturing maintenance and preservation products is a complex process that is much more involved than just adding chemicals to water. Advanced chemical engineering makes our products effective while preventing any negative effects on the environment around us. From designing DiTEC Marine ULTRA® to preserve yacht paint to creating the best boat hull cleaner around, we carefully select each chemical component to formulate our products to ensure efficiency and safety. Through this purposeful design and advanced chemistry, DiTEC products are proven to be superior in performance.

Environmentally responsible products & preservation systems unparalleled in the marine industry

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