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Captain Stories - Jeremy Clark

Join Captain Jeremy Clark as we learn about his experience with DiTEC Marine Products for cleaning and maintaining his boat.

Other products on the market are extremely corrosive on the teak, making it degrade within just a few cleanings. DiTEC's line of teak cleaning and preservation products extend the life of your teak between sanding treatments by cleaning and brightening without harsh chemicals like acid, bleach, or phosphates. This cleans your teak wood without harming the aquatic life, meaning you can rinse off your deck right into the waterways. If you care about the environmental impact of your cleaning products, know that ours are some of the most environmentally friendly on the market and are readily biodegradable.

Save time on cleaning in the future by protecting your teak with Triton Teak Protectant. This repels water, dirt, oil, UV rays, and more. It creates a breathable coating on the wood fibers and allows the true blonde color to stay vibrant for upwards of 6 months.

We've got every surface covered

DiTEC Marine Products is the only company offering a full suite of readily biodegradable cleaning products, making them safe to rinse directly into the water.

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