Complete Care Systems

Paint & Gelcoat Preservation System

DITEC Marine Ultra Paint Preservation utilizes advances in inorganic chemistry to achieve unparalleled durability in all marine conditions and does not readily react with UV, acids, or alkali. Learn more about our products.

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Teak & Wood Care System

Using the DITEC TEAK CARE SYSTEM, a deck crew can maintain the cosmetic appearance of the teak regularly, without causing corrosive damage to the wood and the surrounding paint and metal surfaces. Learn more about our products.

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Glass Maintenance System

The DITEC GLASSTEC system protects your glass from deposition of salt, calcium and other minerals and prevents deterioration to create a hydrophobic surface, reducing maintenance and providing a better appearance.

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Metal Preservation System

Keeping a yacht’s metalwork pristine can be challenging because of the exposure to many harsh elements: salt/minerals, UV exposure, chemicals  (acids, soaps, polish, etc.) and abrasion. Learn how our products can help.

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