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Metal Protection

Your boat stainless steel cleaner needs to go further when and where it counts. The DITEC system of metal cleaning, protecting, and polishing products keeps your metalwork in pristine condition, with eco-friendly formulas that are your best weapon in the battle against salt, minerals, exposure, abrasion, and chemicals. Scroll down to learn more about our products and what they can do.

Superior Marine Metal Polish

Keep your metal looking its absolute best with an optimized boat cleaner system that does the job without leaving any damage behind. DITEC Marine steel cleaning and polishing products offer a water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable, complete solution for cleaning and protecting the metal surfaces throughout your boat. You get safe, reliable protection for nearly all of your boat’s metal surfaces, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and chrome, plus a protective barrier to slow down rust and corrosion.


Metalon PX

METALON PX is an all-in-one multi-surface boat metal cleaner, polish and protective coating. METALON PX can be used on all...
8 ounces16 ounces

Environmentally-Friendly Boat Metal Cleaner

All of our products, including our marine stainless steel polish, are free from harsh and harmful chemical ingredients such as acid, bleach, glycol ether, alkylphenol ethoxylates, phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, kerosene, thickeners, dyes, and optical brighteners. The result: boat chrome cleaner solutions that provide a superior aquatic toxicity profile by adhering to the world’s highest regulatory standards.. Enjoy a streak and smear-free result, and never go back to toxic products that overpromise and underperform.