Easy Cleaning, Extreme Protection
for Your Boat's Teak

Strain blocking chemistry protects your boat's teak surfaces from water, oil, blood and other dirt. Exceptional protection that lasts for up to six months.

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Streak-Free Surface - BOAT SOAP


BOAT SOAP is the ideal boat wash for removing grease, grime and tough dirt. Its advanced formula lifts trapped dirt molecules, leaving behind an incomparably clean and STREAK-FREE surface... BOAT SOAP is formulated using the latest and safest technologies, and is the best boat wash for saltwater and freshwater use. May be safely discharged into rivers, streams, and other waterways.


Non-Corrosive Product - TEAK CLEAN

Our TEAK CLEANER is specially engineered for cleaning teak and other wood surfaces. It safely cleans and restore teak decks to their natural color. TEAK CLEAN combines ultra-low pH and superior cleaning performance with exceptional environmental properties.

Teak surfaces with severe mold and mildew and/or very deep grain structure should be sanded prior to using TEAK CLEAN... Our product will not harm the freshly sanded teak surface and can be used regularly and proactively to maintain a bright, clean appearance. Always thoroughly soap clean and rinse ALL surfaces that come into contact with TEAK CLEAN, especially metal surfaces! TEAK CLEAN is not safe for use on aluminum. Always treat your teak with BIOCLEAR to prevent the appearance of mold, mildew, and algae!

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Nano-Technology Based Coating - Triton


DiTEC TRITON binds to the wood fibers and creates a highly water and dirt repellent wood surface. It does not change the appearance, color, or feel of the wood surface being treated... With regular maintenance and cleaning, TRITON can preserve your teak or other wood surface for up to six months.