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Teak Magic (32 oz. Bottles)

Two-part, non-hazardous, heavy-duty cleaner and brightener for restoring teak to its original appearance

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Selection: Cleaner & Brightener

Rinse into Waterways
Bleach Free
Readily Biodegradable

TEAK MAGIC is our safe and effective, non-hazardous, organic and eco-friendly alternative to using harmful, competitive acids and caustic cleaners. DiTEC’s two-part system is specially engineered not to destroy your teak or wood surface, instead it safely cleans and brings teak decks and wood furniture to their natural color and brightness. Its gel consistency makes it ideal for controlled application.

More Details

  • Two-part cleaner and brightener that does not corrode teak like other products on the market. Gives a freshly sanded look to teak.
    **NOTE: If your teak has polyurethane or a factory-applied protective coating, it must be sanded off first before applying this product**
  • Non-destructive; will not damage teak, clothing or burn skin
  • MARPOL compliant, safe to rinse in to waterways
  • Highly concentrated (1:4); large coverage area per gallon
  • Coverage: One quart of mixed solution covers approximately 100-175 sq. ft., depending on teak condition. Very dirty teak closer to 100, less dirty teak closer to 175.
  • Gel product, designed for controlled application
  • Leaves no dirty residue on gelcoat or moldings after rinsing from teak
  • Ideal for use on areas near sensitive surroundings. Safe on most finished metals, including almost all grades of stainless steel. Do not allow to come in contact with soft metals such as aluminum and brass. If so, rinse with water immediately.
  • Appearance:
    Step 1 - Baby Blue Gel (pH 14) Step 2 - Pink Gel (pH <1)
  • Solubility: 100% in water

Use & Application

For deep or heavy-duty cleaning of all teak surfaces, including large teak decks and teak furniture. Ideal for use in areas with sensitive surroundings (including finished metals). If product comes in contact with soft metals (aluminum, brass, etc) rinse off with water immediately.

Application: This is a concentrated product. In a bucket, mix 1 part Teak Magic with 4 parts fresh water (1:4). Spread product completely and evenly onto the surface using a foam brush, deck brush or polypropylene scrub pad. See Usage and Instruction/Info Sheet for complete application instructions.

Environmental Impact

MARPOL Annex III and Annex V compliant, Readily biodegradable (After 10 Days), Phosphate free, Bleach free, and Non-corrosive

See it in Action

Teak Magic (32 oz. Bottles)

Two-part, non-hazardous, heavy-duty cleaner and brightener for restoring teak to its original appearance

The DiTEC Difference

Quality DiTEC Marine Products Other Brands
Biodegradable ✔ YES Mostly NO
Food Grade ✔ YES NO
Industrial Grade ✔ YES NO
Heavy Grade ✔ YES NO
MARPOL Annex V ✔ YES Mostly NO
NPDES Compliant ✔ YES NO

Harmful Chemicals DiTEC Marine Products Other Brands
Concentrate ⊘ NONE YES
Ethers ⊘ NONE YES
Bleach ⊘ NONE YES
Nitrates ⊘ NONE YES
Polymer Waxes ⊘ NONE YES
Teflon ⊘ NONE Some YES
Phenols ⊘ NONE Some YES
Fragrances & Dye ⊘ NONE YES
Ammonia ⊘ NONE YES
Acids ⊘ NONE YES

Our Eco Commitment

DiTEC Marine Marpol Compliant
DiTEC Marine Clean on Purpose Compliant
DiTEC Marine Eco Safe Compliant
DiTEC Marine Made in the USA
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