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Commercial-Grade Chemical Resistant Sprayer (1.5L)

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This professional grade, chemical resistant sprayer features a thumb trigger built into the handle eliminating carpal tunnel stress common with old fashioned trigger-pull units. Spray applies evenly, even when the unit is upside down.

  • Maximum portability for small jobs and spot cleaning

  • Comfortable grip handle with trigger for quick on/off control

  • Polypropylene tank and pump head

  • Adjustable cone nozzle that ranges from spray to stream

  • View stripe for easy visibility of product levels

  • Pressure relief valve for safety

  • 0.4 gallon (1.5L) capacity

Our Eco Commitment

DiTEC Marine Marpol Compliant
DiTEC Marine Clean on Purpose Compliant
DiTEC Marine Eco Safe Compliant
DiTEC Marine Made in the USA
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