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Professional grade ceramic alternative/paint protectant

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Size: 1.6 oz

High Performance
UV Resistant

DiTEC’S PROTEC 1 is a one-step, premium, inorganic resin that is better than waxes and sealants for paint and gelcoat surfaces on boats and cars of any size. With almost 50 years in the making, this non-ceramic (does not contain any SiO2) product will not crack like traditional ceramics, but will flex with a paint/gelcoat surface, creating a strong protective shield with great hydrophobic properties. The combination of properties reduces regular cleaning maintenance up to 50%.

More Details

  • Creates a strong protective shield with great hydrophobic properties
  • Offers great protection against oxidation, UV-light, dirt, grime, exhaust build-up, and other contaminants for multiple seasons
  • Excellent protection for non-skid surfaces
  • Makes maintenance much easier, reducing cleaning time by 50%
  • Can be used and applied by any applicator, regardless of experience level (when used as directed)
  • Coverage: 1.6 oz (50 ml) bottle covers approximately a 15-20 ft. boat, or standard-sized automobile or pick-up truck. 3.2 oz (100 ml) will cover a 30-40 ft. boat. Non-skid surfaces will require more product than smooth surfaces
  • Appearance: Clear colorless
  • Solubility: 100% in water
  • pH: N/A

Use & Application

For use on: Paint/gelcoat surfaces, metals and non-skid surfaces.

Application: For best results apply PROTEC 1 coating at room temperature.

See Usage Instructions/Info Sheet below for detailed application instructions.

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Professional grade ceramic alternative/paint protectant

The DiTEC Difference

Quality DiTEC Marine Products Other Brands
Biodegradable ✔ YES Mostly NO
Food Grade ✔ YES NO
Industrial Grade ✔ YES NO
Heavy Grade ✔ YES NO
MARPOL Annex V ✔ YES Mostly NO
NPDES Compliant ✔ YES NO

Harmful Chemicals DiTEC Marine Products Other Brands
Concentrate ⊘ NONE YES
Ethers ⊘ NONE YES
Bleach ⊘ NONE YES
Nitrates ⊘ NONE YES
Polymer Waxes ⊘ NONE YES
Teflon ⊘ NONE Some YES
Phenols ⊘ NONE Some YES
Fragrances & Dye ⊘ NONE YES
Ammonia ⊘ NONE YES
Acids ⊘ NONE YES

Our Eco Commitment

DiTEC Marine Marpol Compliant
DiTEC Marine Clean on Purpose Compliant
DiTEC Marine Eco Safe Compliant
DiTEC Marine Made in the USA
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