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Polishing Compound - Fine Cut

Fine Cut hologram remover that leaves a deep-gloss finish. Very well suited for dual action polishers.

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Size: 250 ml

High Performance

Anti-hologram polish to effectively remove holograms. Intelligent, self-grinding alumina abrasive grains of the latest generation guarantee a 100% hologram-free paint surface. Free of solvents and silicone – purely water-based. Can be used on ALL (including scratch-resistant) fresh and cured paints.

More Details

  • Effectively removes holograms
  • Free of solvents and silicone
  • Appearance: Cream/Paste
  • Solubility: N/A
  • pH: 8

Use & Application

For the DiTEC Fine Cut Compound, we recommend using the DiTEC Red Trapez foam polishing pad.

Application: Apply a sufficient amount of the polishing compound to the polishing pad or to the painted surface. Spread the compound at a low speed (about 1000 rpm) on the defect and at about 1600 rpm using moderate pressure.

The DiTEC Difference

Quality DiTEC Marine Products Other Brands
Biodegradable ✔ YES Mostly NO
Food Grade ✔ YES NO
Industrial Grade ✔ YES NO
Heavy Grade ✔ YES NO
MARPOL Annex V ✔ YES Mostly NO
NPDES Compliant ✔ YES NO

Harmful Chemicals DiTEC Marine Products Other Brands
Concentrate ⊘ NONE YES
Ethers ⊘ NONE YES
Bleach ⊘ NONE YES
Nitrates ⊘ NONE YES
Polymer Waxes ⊘ NONE YES
Teflon ⊘ NONE Some YES
Phenols ⊘ NONE Some YES
Fragrances & Dye ⊘ NONE YES
Ammonia ⊘ NONE YES
Acids ⊘ NONE YES

Our Eco Commitment

DiTEC Marine Marpol Compliant
DiTEC Marine Clean on Purpose Compliant
DiTEC Marine Eco Safe Compliant
DiTEC Marine Made in the USA
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