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Boat Soap

Removes Soot, Stains, Dirt and Other Contaminants. Safe for Ceramic Coating and Waxes

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Size: 32 oz.

High Performance
Rinse into Waterways
Bleach Free
Readily Biodegradable
Concentrated Formula

DiTEC's BOAT SOAP is a high-performance formula that easily removes soot, stains, dirt and other contaminants from all kinds of surfaces. The advanced formula lifts trapped dirt molecules, leaving behind an incomparably clean and streak-free surface. This product is highly concentrated; safe for ceramic coating, waxes and other surface treatments. One gallon of concentrate makes 128 gallons of boat soap.

More Details

  • Safe for ceramic coating, waxes and other surface treatments
  • Can be used on ships, RVs, cars and more
  • Highly concentrated: 1 gallon of concentrate makes 128 gallons of boat soap (average 42 washes per gallon of concentrate)
  • Ideal for removing grease, grime and dirt
  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • Solubility: 100% in water
  • pH: 11.1-11.7

Use & Application

For use on: All painted surfaces, ceramic, gelcoat, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, silicon, polymer surfaces. Clean surface with a soft brush or wash mitt.

Environmental Impact

MARPOL Annex III and Annex V compliant, Excellent aquatic toxicity profile, Readily biodegradable, No VOCs, Phosphate and nitrate free, Contains no propylene glycol, Does not contain formaldehyde, and Does not contain glycol ether

The DiTEC Difference

Quality DiTEC Marine Products Other Brands
Biodegradable ✔ YES Mostly NO
Food Grade ✔ YES NO
Industrial Grade ✔ YES NO
Heavy Grade ✔ YES NO
MARPOL Annex V ✔ YES Mostly NO
NPDES Compliant ✔ YES NO

Harmful Chemicals DiTEC Marine Products Other Brands
Concentrate ⊘ NONE YES
Ethers ⊘ NONE YES
Bleach ⊘ NONE YES
Nitrates ⊘ NONE YES
Polymer Waxes ⊘ NONE YES
Teflon ⊘ NONE Some YES
Phenols ⊘ NONE Some YES
Fragrances & Dye ⊘ NONE YES
Ammonia ⊘ NONE YES
Acids ⊘ NONE YES

Our Eco Commitment

DiTEC Marine Marpol Compliant
DiTEC Marine Clean on Purpose Compliant
DiTEC Marine Eco Safe Compliant
DiTEC Marine Made in the USA
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