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The Best Glass Care System for Your Boat

The Best Glass Care System for Your Boat

When it comes to maintaining the clarity and longevity of glass surfaces on your boat, DiTEC's glass care system is the one you need. With a seamless three-step process, this system elevates your glass care routine, ensuring a flawless finish that can last up to a year. 

The objective of using the Glasstec System is to have a treated and protected surface where contaminants cannot adhere or bind to the surface, making cleaning easier and less frequent. Here’s how to use the products that make DiTEC's glass care system a must-have for boaters:

g200 glass polish

Step 1: G200 - Precision Polishing

Start with G200, a cerium oxide-based glass polishing powerhouse. Blending ceramics with mild abrasives and cutting-edge nano components, G200 ensures a user-friendly and highly effective polishing experience. When paired with our glass polishing pad, G200 swiftly erases water spots, most scratches, and other stubborn stains.

What sets G200 apart is its ability to tackle fine-to-medium wiper scratches and swirls without compromising the integrity of the glass. Unlike traditional cerium oxide compounds that may distort or warp the glass, G200 delivers a pristine finish, leaving your glass surfaces looking as good as new.

glass cleaner

Step 2: Crystal Clear - A Detergent-Free Pre-Cleaner

Second, use Crystal Clear. It’s a detergent-free glass and multi-surface pre-cleaner that leaves your glass, paint, and other glossy surfaces with an impressive crystal-clear, grease and contaminant-free finish. Crystal Clear sets the stage for Glasstec by effortlessly removing dirt, silica, oils, grime, and impurities, preparing the surface for the ultimate glass care treatment.

glasstec glass protector

Step 3: Glasstec - Long-Lasting Protection

The star of DiTEC's glass care system is Glasstec, a long-lasting protective coating designed specifically for glass surfaces. This hydrophobic wonder creates a water-repellent layer on the glass, offering defense against salt, calcium, mineral deposits, and harmful UV rays.

Glasstec's inorganic molecular bond ensures enduring protection, maintaining the pristine appearance of your glass surfaces over time. With a coverage of 3.2 oz. per 250 sq. ft., Glasstec provides ample protection for a variety of glass applications.

DiTEC's glass care system redefines the standard for achieving crystal-clear brilliance on your boat’s glass surfaces. Whether you're tackling water spots, scratches, or are aiming to fortify your glass against the elements, this comprehensive but easy-to-use system is your go-to solution. Elevate your glass care routine with DiTEC!

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DiTEC Marine Products is the only company offering a full suite of readily biodegradable cleaning products, making them safe to rinse directly into the water.

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