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Sail into Spring: A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Your Boat with DiTEC

Sail into Spring: A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Your Boat with DiTEC

As the winter frost thaws and spring starts to show, it's time to prep your boat for the season ahead! DiTEC's comprehensive range of premium products ensures your boat is primed for peak performance and looks its best. Here’s DiTEC’s master guide on how to prep your boat for spring: 

exterior boat care boat soap

1. Exterior Cleaning:

Hull & Bottom Cleaner: A great place to start is with your boat’s hull. DiTEC's Hull & Bottom Cleaner is an eco-friendly alternative to harsh acid cleaners, and it quickly gets rid of marine growth and mineral deposits.

Black Streak Cleaner: Restore non-skid surfaces to their former glory by pre-treating black streaks and stains on your boat with DiTEC's Black Streak & Non-Skid cleaner, specially formulated to tackle these stubborn stains.

Wipeout Cleaner/Degreaser: Tackle tough grease and grime with DiTEC's Wipeout Cleaner. It’s a safe, bleach-free, and heavy-duty solvent for removing grease, grime, and dirt. It is a highly efficient cleaner/degreaser designed for the most demanding tasks, like cleaning your boat’s carpeting or vinyl seats.

Boat Soap: DiTEC's Boat Soap lifts away soot, stains, and dirt from all your boat’s surfaces. Its high-performance formula is safe for ceramic coating, waxes and other surface treatments and ensures a streak-free finish, leaving your boat cleaner than ever.

MVP Protectant: Shield your boat’s vinyl, canvas, upholstery, and water-sensitive fabrics from the elements with DiTEC’s MVP protectant. It safeguards against dirt, oil, water, and UV exposure for long-lasting protection.

Bioclear Disinfectant: Prioritize hygiene with DiTEC's Bioclear Disinfectant, providing effective sanitation and mold prevention for a safe and sanitary environment onboard.

glass care for boats

2. Glass & Metal:

Crystal Clear Pre-Cleaner: Priming your boat’s glass, paint, and other glossy surfaces with DiTEC's Crystal Clear Pre-Cleaner. This detergent-free solution sets the stage for optimal adhesion and performance of the rest of our products.

G200 Glass Polish: Achieve crystal-clear visibility with DiTEC's G200 Glass Polish, swiftly removing imperfections, water spots, and other stains for optimal clarity.

Glasstec Protective Coating: Maintain pristine glass surfaces with DiTEC's Glasstec Protective Coating, repelling salt, calcium, mineral deposits, and UV rays for long-lasting protection.

Metalon PX Metal Cleaner: Preserve the shine of metal surfaces with DiTEC's Metalon PX Cleaner, cleaning, polishing, and protecting against rust, corrosion, and dirt adhesion.

paint gelcoat care for boats

3. Paint and Gelcoat Cleaning/Protection:

Polishing Compounds: If you’re ready to get your boat’s paint or gelcoat sparkling and protected, start by polishing out any areas that need attention. Say goodbye to holograms with DiTEC's Polishing Compounds, effectively removing imperfections for a flawless, glossy finish.

PROTEC 1: Fortify your boat's paint and gelcoat with DiTEC's PROTEC 1 Protectant, creating a strong protective shield with excellent hydrophobic properties that flexes with your boat’s surfaces.

teak care for boats

4. Complete Teak Care:

Teak Clean: Revitalize your teak surfaces with DiTEC's Teak Clean or Teak Magic. Teak Clean is a safe and effective solution that offers a non-toxic, organic, and eco-friendly alternative to harsh cleaners. It is specially engineered to restore the natural color of teak decks and wood furniture.

Teak Magic: Teak Magic is a two-part system designed to safely clean and brighten teak decks that is ideal for use on areas near sensitive surroundings. Safe on most finished metals, including almost all grades of stainless steel. Its gel consistency allows for controlled application, ensuring optimal results as it returns your teak surfaces to their natural color and brightness.

Triton 2.0: Complete the teak care regimen with DiTEC's Triton 2.0 Teak shield. Utilizing new and improved nano-technology, this innovative coating provides unparalleled protection against water, dirt, UV rays, and more. Unlike traditional sealers, Triton 2.0 preserves your teak surfaces' natural appearance, color, and feel for up to 6 months.

5. Other Products:

PROTEC Shampoo: Keep your boat looking its best with DiTEC's PROTEC Shampoo, the ultimate maintenance solution for light washing while adding a layer of surface protection. Utilizing advanced, low-foam, high-lubricant, nano-based chemistry, this shampoo removes dust and grime and enhances and protects paint and gelcoat surfaces. Its chemical properties leave behind a glossy finish that repels water and prolongs the life of your boat's exterior. Use it alone for short-term protection or in conjunction with PROTEC 1 for multi-year protection.

Quick Coating: For fast and easy maintenance or a quick detail, turn to DiTEC's PROTEC Quick Coating. This spray-on solution enhances and protects painted or gelcoat surfaces, providing a hydrophobic, glossy finish that lasts several months. Whether used alone or combined with PROTEC 1, Quick Coating offers convenient protection that keeps your boat pristine between more thorough cleanings.

With DiTEC's premium products guiding your boat's transformation, you can embark on the spring season with confidence. Sail into spring with a boat that gleams and takes you everywhere you want to go in style!

Watch our video about how to detail your boat the right way:

We've got every surface covered

DiTEC Marine Products is the only company offering a full suite of readily biodegradable cleaning products, making them safe to rinse directly into the water.

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