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15 Perfect Gift Ideas for Boaters

15 Perfect Gift Ideas for Boaters

Do you need gift ideas for the boaters, yachters, fishermen, and water sports enthusiasts in your life? Look no further. We’ve compiled a top fifteen list of gifts that will certainly make a splash! These gifts are perfect for the captains you know and love, and you’re sure to get an invite on their next voyage.

Black and blue solar powered smart phone charger
Waterproof Solar Powered Charger

Having a portable charger as a boater is a must! This solar-powered waterproof charger ensures that your captain will always have power to their smartphone even when things get a little wet on board.

gifts for boaters zhik deck pants
Zhik Deck Pants

Staying dry, comfortable, and light on your feet on deck is crucial. Featuring four-way stretch fabric and durable, water-repellent material, these pants are a must for any boater, from the full-time yacht captain to the sailboat racer. 


gifts for boaters ditec detailing kit


DiTEC Boat Detailing and Chrome Polishing Kit

It’s important to have pride in your boat, and DiTEC has your boater covered with our Quick Detailer Kit. Including Metalon PX for polishing your metal surfaces, waterway-friendly and readily biodegradable Boat Soap that can be washed right into the water, an incredible All Purpose Cleaner as well as microfiber towels and a 3.5-gallon bucket, this kit is a fantastic gift for the boater who loves to look sharp.

Yellow underwater drone

The Underwater Camera Drone

Nothing is more remarkable than being able to see what’s going on underwater. This underwater drone can be controlled remotely to capture video of the wildlife beneath the surface and great swimming shots of friends and family.

gifts for boaters bajio sunglasses
Bajio Bales Beach Sunglasses

It's time for a sunglasses upgrade! Everyone knows how damaging the sun can be to our eyes, so the ultimate protection is necessary for every boater. Bajio's Bales Beach Sunglasses block 95% of blue light, feature extra side coverage, and are made of a super durable proprietary nylon material. They have anti-scratch polarized, Rx-able lenses, and Bajio even focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly shipping.


gifts for boaters bote hammock
Boat Hangout Water Hammock

If you're a boater, you love being out on the water. Nothing beats cruising on your vessel at sunset, except maybe lounging directly on the waves in BOTE's Inflatable Hangout Water Hammock. Comfortable and safe, this water toy can hold up to 600 pounds and is such a blast for your friends and family when you decide to anchor. 

gifts for boaters Cheeseboard shaped like the helm of a ship with cheese knives

Mariner Cheese Board

What’s better than enjoying some delicious cheese with your friends and family? This Mariner cheese board is not only functional with four perfect knives for each kind of cheese, but it’s also super cute!

gifts for boaters Black leatherman tool with pliers, drivers, and opener extended
Leatherman 21-in-1 Multi-Tool

It's a certified classic. Leatherman makes excellent tools, and every boater needs a multi-tool! This includes wire cutters, needle nose and regular pliers, several knives, a saw, a bottle and can opener, and a large bit driver. Your boater can always keep this on hand to ensure they never go without the right tool for any occasion.

White Huck bucket with DiTEC logo

Huck Performance Bucket from DiTEC

A HUCK performance bucket is constructed of a proprietary blend of performance polymers known as SpryTech, specially formulated for extreme strength and durability, yet lightweight and with uncommon resistance to wear, temperature, and chemicals. It won’t degrade from UV rays, has raised feet to protect the bottom of the bucket, grips on wet or dry surfaces, and holds up to 5 gallons. This is the ultimate bucket for serious water enthusiasts!

gifts for boaters thrive reef safe sunscreen
Reef Safe Sunscreen from Thrive
Sunscreen is an absolute must out on the water, and, as boaters, we know how important it is to take care of the water we love so much. Thrive's reef-safe sunscreen is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and provides great Bodyshield 50 protection for long hours out in the sun. Each purchase also goes toward supporting Costa Rican farmers.

Dark brown leatherbound journal with golden pen

Leather Ship’s Log

This elegant leather journal can be used as a ship’s or captain’s log for your boater’s journeys. Keep it on board to log stories about your adventures or for passengers to leave notes. Perfect for the sentimental boater!

gifts for boater ditec teak clean kit


DiTEC’s Teak Care Kit

Complete with BIOCLEAR, Teak Clean, and TRITON 2.0, DiTEC’s Teak Care Kit is a fantastic gift for yachters and boaters with teak or wood surfaces on their boat. BIOCLEAR is designed to provide effective cleaning, sanitation, disinfection, and mold prevention. Teak Clean is specially engineered for teak and other wood surfaces to safely clean and restore teak decks and wood furniture to their natural color. TRITON 2.0 uses a new and improved nano-technology-based coating designed to protect teak and other wood surfaces from water, dirt, wine, UV rays, and more. The perfect trio!

Blue and white vertical striped tote with strap

Insulated Wine Tote

This insulated and padded tote safely carries wine and other snacks while keeping them cool. It is durable and leak-proof, making it ideal for travel– especially for boaters who love to bring the fun with them!

Gifts for boaters DiTEC gel protection kit
DiTEC Paint and Gel Protection Kit, Featuring PROTEC 1

Give the gifts of convenience and professional-grade results to a boater you love this year! This kit includes CRYSTAL CLEAR, a surface and glass degreaser, PROTEC QUICK COATING, a quick detailer that offers excellent hydrophobic properties, and PROTEC 1, a professional-grade ceramic alternative and paint protectant. Ceramic cracks, but PROTEC 1 won't because it flexes with your boat's surfaces. Made from a rubber-like resin, PROTEC 1 is the best gift for the boater in your life who loves keeping their boat spotless. What's more? Any boater can use PROTEC 1– you don't need to take your boat to the professionals to protect your paint anymore!

gifts for boaters seattle sundries deodorizing hand scrub
Deodorizing Hand Scrub from Seattle Sundries

Fishing is a way of life that can sometimes leave your hands smelling, well, fishy. Seattle Sundries Anise & Tea Tree Soap helps eliminate any lingering odors with the help of essential oils and a gentle exfoliating texture. It makes for a perfect stocking stuffer!

Shopping for boaters who have every gadget under the sun can be challenging, but our guide will help! For more gift ideas, check out DiTEC's line of readily biodegradable and waterway-safe marine cleaning products. Free from harsh and harmful chemical ingredients such as acids, bleach, alkyl phenol, ethoxylates, phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, kerosene, and optical brighteners, our cleaning products make great gifts for the eco-conscious boater. At DiTEC Marine, caring for our environment and providing quality products to our clients are our passions. Happy shopping!

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DiTEC Marine Products is the only company offering a full suite of readily biodegradable cleaning products, making them safe to rinse directly into the water.

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