Teak Care System

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Teak Clean | 1-step teak cleaner

DC-100 TEAK CLEAN is specially engineered for cleaning teak and other wood surfaces. It safely cleans and restores teak decks to their natural color. TEAK CLEAN combines ultra-low pH and superior cleaning performance with exceptional environmental properties.

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Triton | Triton teak protector

TRITON is the ultimate protector for teak and other wood surfaces. TRITON binds to the wood fibers and creates a protective water, oil, and UV resistant surface. TRITON does not change the appearance or fell of the surface.

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Bioclear | Mold and mildew prevention

BIOCLEAR is an Advanced EPA Registered Detergent/Disinfectant designed to provide effective cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and mold prevention.

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