Rust Remover

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Rust Remover


DC-100 RUST REMOVER is specially engineered for rust removal applications, where time, performance, environment and personal safety are equally important.

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  • Exceptional performance and cost
  • 3 times more effective than phosphoric acid
  • 4-10 times more effective than citric and glycolic acid
  • Contains surfactants to enhance cleaning
  • Not DOT regulated; offers lower transportation cost
  • Ideal to be used in concentrate or diluted
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors for use around metal surfaces

  • MARPOL Annex III and Annex V Compliant
  • NPDES Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • Excellent aquatic toxicity profile
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • No VOC'S
  • Non-fuming
  • Non-corrosive to skin
  • Non-corrosive to mild steel

RUST REMOVER can be used in concentrated or diluted form, depending on the maintenance and cleaning need. For best results, apply RUST REMOVER on the surface to be cleaned. Allow it to affect the surface for 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Brush the surface if needed. Rinse with clean water. When used on delicate surfaces, neutralize the surface with APC.

RUST REMOVER is available in 1-gallon HDPE containers.

Removal of rust on all metal surfaces *RUST REMOVER is corrosive to aluminum

Appearance: Clear amber liquid Solubility: 100% in water PH: <1.0 SDS Safety Information