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Complete Teak Care

Meet the best teak sealer system on the market. Using the DITEC TEAK CARE SYSTEM, a deck crew can maintain the cosmetic appearance of a boat’s teak regularly, without causing corrosive damage to the wood and the surrounding paint and metal surfaces. Scroll down to learn more about our products and recommendations for use.

What Makes a Great Teak Sealer?

At DITEC Marine, we’re proud to provide teak wood care that offers superior performance and efficiency while remaining environmentally friendly. Like all of our boat deck cleaner products, our teak sealer system is free from harsh and harmful chemical ingredients such as acid, bleach, glycol ether, alkylphenol ethoxylates, phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, kerosene, thickeners, dyes, and optical brighteners. You get the teak cleaning products that you need to get the job done — all without having to worry about the toxic by-products that can hurt our fragile ecosystem. Because the environment is all of our responsibility and we believe it should be easy for everyone to do their part.



TRITON teak sealer features a nano-technology based coating that is designed for application on teak and other wood surfaces. TRITON...
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Teak Cleaner

Teak Clean

Our teak cleaner is specially engineered for cleaning teak and other wood surfaces. It safely cleans and restores teak decks...
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BIOCLEAR is an Advanced EPA Registered Persistent (continues to work after applied) Detergent/Disinfectant designed to provide effective cleaning, sanitation, disinfection...

How to Clean Teak Decks on Boats

As makers of the best marine teak sealer, we recommend using the complete DITEC Marine TEAK CARE SYSTEM once or twice a year as needed to prevent build-up and wear and tear from causing long-term damage to your boat. From there, you can simply spot treat as necessary with our targeted teak cleaning products. To ensure that you get the best results out of your treatments, scrub your teak deck across the direction of the grain, and provide a cover for the deck during times when your boat isn’t in use. Just be sure to be gentle when scrubbing, since you don’t want to accidentally take off any of the finish that provides that key base layer of protection for the natural teak.